Striped Halter Dress

When I saw this linen striped dress on Old Navy's website a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be a perfect weekend and work piece for the summer. It's also 35% off right now using code PERFECT (through 5/27)!

It is super loose-fitting (I actually wish I had gone down to a S tall instead of M tall), but I love that it's loose and airy. The halter neckline is also fun and different.
dress  |  wedges (on sale!)  |  hat (similar)  |  bag- lilly for target  |  earrings  |  sunglasses
I also threw on a blazer and nude pumps with it to show how it can transition to a work dress. I think it works for maternity wear, especially in the heat of the summer. I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant in these photos.
Have a great day!


Our Weekend...

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of the amazing women and men who have served or are currently serving our country so that we can have the freedoms we do.

We had a totally laid back weekend which was perfect since my mom is coming into town this week, Harper's second birthday is on Wednesday (maybe I'm a little extremely emotional...) and her birthday party is coming up this weekend.

By the way, if you haven't already seen on IG (@veronabrit), we are doing a flamingo theme for her second birthday party. I ordered this invite from SundayDesign on etsy and I absolutely love it!
We ran a lot of errands this weekend to pick up things we would need for her birthday party and as an excuse to eat out at our favorite lunch places.
If you follow me on IG, you've already seen the massive giraffe. There's really no other way to describe it. Someone on my IG told me that the Bloggess saw the same one and wrote a post about it that's quite funny. Can I just say I'm kind of amazed that apparently Home Good stores across the country have these--- and some have more than one! It remains a mystery to me who would buy this or have the room for it, but then again, everything's bigger in Texas, right?
We also visited the fabric store where Harper found a hula-hoop and challenged me to a spin-off. Haha, just kidding, I totally tried to hula and failed and she just ran around with it.
 harper: dress (on sale for $15)  |  sandals

During Harper's nap, Kevin and I cleaned house. I put away a ton of laundry and organized my closet and drawers a little and he cleaned all of our windows. While organizing, I tried on some beautiful Rachel Pally dresses my friend Leslie gave to me and I loved this one so much--- and it really shows my bump--- almost 19 weeks along now! It's hard to believe I'm nearly halfway through this pregnancy. I heard it goes more quickly the second time around and I can attest to the fact that it's true.

Speaking of sweet baby #2--- I plan to do some updates--- maybe not weekly but monthly at least. If you are so inclined, you can check out my first trimester recap, here.
When nap time was over, we headed to the Children's Museum to let Harper blow off some energy before dinner. Funny new Harperism- she tells us "I want to go home now" whenever she is done with something she's doing. 
Sunday morning we woke up to a cranky toddler but by 9 a.m. things were improving. We even tried on her Cuteheads romper from last summer just to see if it still fit…it kind of looks like a bathing suit on her now, but it's so sweet! After I put it on her, she said "so cute" and "I beautiful." What a sweetheart. Also, when did she get so tall?
We promised we would take Harper to the "jumpey house" today, AKA WonderWild. She went for the first time this past Friday and she kept talking about it so we took her there this morning.
We had lunch in Rice Village and then stopped in to check out some sales before nap time. Gymboree has never been a favorite of mine, but they had a TON of cute stuff there today. I just loved the cute colors and patterns. All was 50% off!
pink smocked top- (just $12.48 on sale!)
 neon striped top- (just $12.48 on sale!)
denim shorts- (just $12.48 on sale!)
 geo dress- (just $17.48 on sale!)

And for baby boy I picked up this little romper and whale bib. I'm not into the monkeys, cars, ducks and other various charaters and patterns you see on a lot of baby boy clothes (with some exceptions, of course---no offense if you like them- they're just not for me!) so I was happy to see some simpler options. What I've learned in my brief time boy shopping is that it's a lot of stripes. But I love stripes, so it works. I also love that I'm seeing some stuff in mint green and other colors outside of the "traditional" boy colors (PS- check out this article on the origins of the pink for girls blue for boys- it might surprise you!)
romper  |  bib

We also stopped in at Baby Gap for their 40% off sale and I picked up some pants for baby boy and jammies for Harper.
stripes  |  ants

I have some outfit posts coming up this week that I think y'all will enjoy! I got several new dresses recently and they're all on sale. We ended up shooting them all today (thanks Kev!) and though I actually prefer to shoot my outfits the days I wear them, since these dresses are all on sale and maybe on their way out (or nearly sold out) I decided to shoot them all to showcase them this week in case y'all wanted to get them while they're available. 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!


Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Accessories Picks

Norstrom's Half Yearly Sale is finally on and today I'm sharing my favorite accessories picks!  Accessories can be one of the most fun and inexpensive way to update your look. Check out my picks below.
Hope your week is going great!


Simple White Dress

This dress has been in my closet since last Spring and I find myself drawn to it as soon as the hot and humid temperatures hit Houston. It's so light and airy and most of all, comfortable. I will say it's not the most ideal dress to wear on a super windy day, but it's perfect for those super hot and sticky spring/summer days.
 dress- gap (three very similar styles from this season- 1, 2, 3)  |  shoes- nordstrom (on sale for 33% off and I also love this year's style- they're nearly identical to the ones I'm wearing)  |  necklace- dolceave, ℅  |  earrings- kendra scott 
(I'm 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)

I hope you're having a great week so far!


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