Love List

I'm trying to be more consistent with these posts. I love a good round-up of favorite products, clothing, accessories and other random items and projects I happen to be enamoured with at the moment.

The first is this dress that just came in from Gap. I tried it on as soon as I opened the package this evening and I was SO thrilled with the fit and overall style. I've had a lot of issues with their fuller-skirted dresses fitting poorly in the past, but this one is perfect at the waist and everywhere else! Mine is a 4T.

Next up are these gorgeous necklaces from Bip & Bop Shop on etsy that I was gifted recently. You might have noticed on IG that I've been wearing the pink one like crazy! This dreary weather is making me crave darker colors and it's the perfect pop of color for those outfits. I also got a rose gold necklace with "Harper" engraved on it and a necklace with mine and my husband's initials. I love personalized jewelry and I'm so happy to add these piece to my collection because they're different from what I already own.
I picked up a few items from Old Navy and Gap for Harper and I'm smitten with how sweet they are. I can't wait for more pastels, florals and colorful prints for spring and summer.
|  heart top- old navy  |  
|  cheetah print top and pants- baby gap  |  
I saw this dress in-store and loved the ruffle on the collar. It's a great lightweight transition piece with the weather warming up slightly.
|  pintuck chambray dress- baby gap  |

Lastly, I want to share a project I worked on months ago and forgot to share. I bought some pin boards at Marshall's Home Goods and used nails as necklace and earring holders. I have these in my closet since I was finding that I wasn't wearing as much of my jewelry as I should because it was mostly tucked into a drawer. I really love the way these pin boards allow me to display my favorite pieces.
Wishing you a lovely week!

Our Weekend...

Our Saturday started with an early AM play date with sweet little Cami, Amanda and Ben. The girls had a tea party, colored, ate way too many snacks and took turns drumming. We enjoyed donut holes, kolaches and
Cami was wearing the most gorgeous headband made by her super-crafty mama (her blog has lots of great DIYs!) and she also owns Squishy Cheeks Bowtique, that you can visit here.
Amanda also made Harper this adorable hair clip and a couple of sparkly bows! (you can get the set here).

 Harper's dress- target
After our play date, we ate lunch and took naps. Then we walked to the park as we always do on weekends when the weather is nice.
Sunday morning started off with a wonderful FaceTime convo with my friend Heather in Toronto. She is eight months pregnant with her first baby and I'm so excited for her and can't wait to meet the little babe when we visit Toronto later this year.

Harper got really cuddly with Lulu this morning. They've been so sweet together lately.
We headed to City Centre to meet Kevin's parents for lunch at Ruggles Green. We got there at 11 and by 11:30 it was packed. We could barely get a table outside. Ruggles looks onto an open AstroTurf area where kids can run around and play. All of the think-ahead parents brought balls to play with. I brought bubbles but it was windy. Note for next time- bring a ball.
These two--- making the same "where is my food?" expression... 
City Centre had live music today and we danced around after lunch. The cutest thing ever was when two sweet little girls joined us and Harper was just smitten with them…she was SO happy the wanted to play and they all held hands. It was precious to witness. We played ring-around-the-rosie.
Today was the first day (like, ever) that Harper didn't nap. She usually sleeps for 2-3 hours after lunch, but we were having so much fun at City Centre (she didn't want to leave!) that we got home after 1:30. She fell asleep in the car and usually we can transfer her right to her crib, but today she didn't want to sleep…so we painted.

I set up her play table so we could paint Valentines together. It was so fun that she was able to participate this year! We used Martha Stewart paints--- they come off of skin with water and are nontoxic--- and the colors are super vibrant!

This is the first step in the Valentines and I'll put them all together, but they were super fun to make. All you need are paint brushes, paint and pre-cut hearts (I got mine at Michael's Arts & Crafts).
Speaking of Valentine's Day--- I also made this envelope chair back today. I wanted something somewhat similar to the ones they sell at Pottery Barn Kids, and I decided to take the DIY route since all I needed was some ribbon, felt, one foam sheet and a glue gun.

It ended up being a little more complicated than I had anticipated (damn you, scallops!), but I'm glad I made it and I think it looks sweet on her chair…and I saved about $15, plus shipping ;)
Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!

Austin Retreat

Happy (almost) Friday! I've had a little bit of a crazy work week that also involved a quick trip to Austin for our annual team retreat, so I thought I'd share a few snaps.

Though we had two cold and rainy days in Austin, the trip was productive and we even squeezed in a little fun, starting our day with a scavenger hunt via Watson Adventures.

The seven of us split up into two teams and walked around the city finding all of the clues and the extra challenges were to take certain photos like "two heads popping out of something" and "ordering or eating food in a strange way." The fun is all in seeing how each team came up with their photo ideas. I snapped most of the photos so I'm just in a few of the 10 or so we had to complete.
We tried to spell out "y'all"…and it didn't work out quite how we envisioned…but…FREE HUGS! Seriously, there are people who stood outside all day offering free hugs. #onlyinaustin.
We stayed at the Hotel San Jose. I wish it had been warmer because they had a really cool heated pool.
You can't tell in the above photo, but in our welcome buckets there was a box of Sarah's Kale Chips and they are UNBELIEVABLE. Like, I'm literally eating them as I type this at 8:30 at night unbelievable.  

Wednesday night we went out for pizza (I forget what the restaurant was called but it was busy and the food was delicious) followed by a visit to Amy's Ice Creams. I got the Mexican vanilla with extra cookie dough. Highly recommended.
This morning, we had our meeting where we review our goals for the year and discuss new ideas, strategies, etc. It was great…and yummy!

Until next time...
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