Recent Outfits...

Sometimes when I don't have time to snap photos outside, I still take some quick mirror shots before heading to work in the morning.

Here are a few recent outfits and also some fitting room photos!
dress- banana republic (other striped dress options- 1  |  2  |  3 |  4  |  5  |  6 )  |  blazer- artizia  |  flats- kate spade  |  necklace- kendra scott 
This dress has been a staple for hot summer days...
dress- gap (similar)  |  shoes- nordstrom  | necklace- ℅ tiny tags

This is a cute mint green dress I tried on at TopShop @Nordstrom recently. Unfortunately my regular size was way too short and this one wasn't much better length-wise. But it's oh-so-cute.
dress- topshop  |  sandals- tory burch
denim jacket- nordstrom  |  dress- similar, similar  |  bag- kate spade 

Have a great day!

ELARI Diaper Wallet Review + Promo Code

When Harper was an infant, I became easily overwhelmed at just the thought of leaving the house with her. Maybe it was the round-the-clock pumping and fear of diaper blowouts (and there were many)...or maybe it was just the sheer amount of STUFF I thought I needed to have with me just to get her out of the house. First time mom, all the way.

Nowadays, leaving the house is easy and we aren't as crazy about brining so much stuff with us. I'm even planning to add a box to my trunk with some essentials like extra diapers and wipes, a change of clothes and changing pad so if we ever forget something we will have backup (seriously, how have I not done this already?)

Oftentimes we'll leave the house for a short amount of time (like when we head to Little Gym class or go out for lunch) and lugging around the diaper bag is such a hassle for those quick trips.

So when the ladies at Elari (based in my hometown of Toronto!) reached out to me to try out their diaper wallet, I took them up on it wondering if It would be that "in between" baby item we needed---better than nothing at all (duh) but not like a larger diaper bag (which I still need, but not for quick errands).

I selected their limited edition "pick me a peony" diaper wallet. I liked the bold color and that it was navy blue on the inside. The changing pad design is also a really cute pattern.
Inside there's an area for diapers, a zipped waterproof pocket for wipes and another pocket with three slots on the front for various items.
I keep two diapers, wipes, boogie wipes, the changing pad, hand santizier and a mini sunscreen in mine. Though I bring it with us for shorter errands out of the house, I've never had to use it because we haven't had any incidents yet. 

It's been packed for weeks and the wipes are still moist, which is great. You could also put a smaller pack of wipes into it, but I just used the special pouch to store them.
The changing pad is thin (not padded) but for quick changes it will get the job done. There's velcro to keep it neatly stored when not in use.
Overall, I'm really happy to have this for those quick trips out of the house---it's so easy to just grab it and go. I talked to the founders of Elari about adding more colors/designs/fabrics and possibly offering a personalized monogram as well as having gold hardware on some styles instead of silver. Maybe I'm just trying to turn this into a clutch for myself, haha. It doesn't hurt to have something super chic and incredibly useful, right?

Elari is offering a promo code for my readers if you'd like to get rid of the weight in your diaper bag too. Use the code "VJRFRIEND" for 10% off of your order.

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday!

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of my husband's friend's sons who turned 4! Happy birthday Bryan! We also got to see their new home for the first time and catch up with friends which was great.

It was strangely cool on Saturday which was a welcome change from the super-high temps we've been seeing lately.
 Some of my favorite photos are candids of Kevin with Harper…
One of Harper's new words is "bubbles" so she was delighted to find a bottle in her treat bag.
 Then she ran away...
…taking the bubbles with her...
...and she kept going...
Then she wanted to drink from a bottle. It was funny because she was so insistent she didn't want help and everyone was cheering her on.
 How did my baby get so big?
 Harper and the birthday boy ninja!
Today we had our family photos taken. It was the first time we had professional photos done since Harper was born, so I had really been looking forward to it.

Well folks, let's just say that I could not have imagined a more horrible way for the session to go. I planned the session for 9:30 a.m. Harper wakes up at 7, so we had breakfast and we played before we left the house. She was in quite a splendid mood. The session was to last 1.5 hours and then we were going to go out for lunch and be home just in time for her noonish nap time. Perfect, right?

Not so much. The car ride was about 40 minutes and Harper tends to take cat naps in her car seat even when she isn't tired (that's how we got her to sleep on our flights to and from Toronto- put this baby in a car seat, and she naps). She hadn't fallen asleep on the ride to the location but she did start to nod off a little when we arrived and waited for the photographer to get there. I thought she would be fine after that (she had a nap in the car yesterday when we drove to our friend's party, the same distance away, and was great when we got there).

We met our photographer and drove up the road to the field we were shooting in. I wanted a really natural backdrop, so it was perfect. We got all ready to start shooting and for the first five minutes Harper was doing well and cracked a few smiles playing peek-a-boo…after that, it was crying and meltdowns. The. entire. time. All of the stuff she usually loves was a total no-go. She didn't want to be there and she let us know it! 

I gave her some goldfish crackers thinking maybe after she ate them she would be more agreeable to a few snapshots. The photographer suggested we move away from the field so we went into the little town area and tried to take a few shots on the steps of an old looking general store. That was when Harper decided that she had enough and had a full on-throw herself to the floor tantrum. Lovely.

So we decided that instead of trying to wait it out, we would just reschedule. We had gotten some shots in the field and it was time to call it a day.

When the photographer left, Harper was exploring the area we were shooting and we got a few smiles from her then as we played (of course)…but she made her way to the car and we headed home.
Next time, my plan is to go to the location early, play around as a family and let her get used to the environment before the photographer arrives. I can imagine it can be strange for a toddler to exit the car and walk into a field and have someone they've never met keep calling their name. 

When we got home, she was laughing, running all over and smiling ear to ear…go figure!

Here's to next time…and I hear my sweet girl waking up on the baby monitor as I type this…so I'm signing off.

Have a happy Sunday!

Recent Purchases...

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing some items that came in the mail recently from Zara and Banana Republic.

I got some adorable tops and a skirt for Harper from Zara's baby line. I love that the prices for some of their more basic pieces are really affordable. The shoes and dresses are on the pricier side, so I wait until those go on sale.
 How cute is the little bunny on this top? It's a sweet touch.
striped top (under $10!)

For myself, I picked out this beautiful lace dress. I plan to wear it for our family photos we have coming up. I ordered a medium. It's shorter than I'd like it, but it's not for work so it's perfectly fine.
Lastly, I ordered this Banana Republic soft-wash oxford shirt online in a small tall. I had purchased it in a medium regular in-store, but I wanted a slimmer fit and longer length. It is absolutely PERFECT and I need to buy it in white now too (sadly the white is sold out in that size). It's so soft. I will show photos of it on soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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